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DIY Homemade Laundry Sheets

Many dryer sheets contain fragrance and other chemicals that can trigger asthma and disrupt hormones. In one study, researchers tested five name brand dryer sheets. The findings showed that the dryer sheets emitted 15 endocrine disrupting compounds (EDCs) and chemicals associated with asthma. My son has dealt with asthma for years and this has been a noticeable game changer in his skin and allergies!

These chemicals are known to affect developing reproductive and nervous systems, metabolism, and cancer.

In the study, the researchers selected dryer sheets as one of 50 consumer product categories to test. Surprisingly, these researchers discovered that dryer sheets, along with air fresheners, sunscreens, and perfumes had the largest number of chemicals with some of the highest concentrations out of all the products tested.

The dryer sheets had more troubling results than products like bathroom and kitchen cleaners.

Why are dryer sheets so unhealthy? Added fragrances are mostly to blame. Most manufacturers add fragrance to dryer sheets. These fragrances release a large number of chemicals in the clothing and in the body.

In a well-regulated world, you should be able to find dryer sheets without fragrance, but it’s not that straightforward so that's why I choose to make my own.

Equipment And Materials

  • Jar or container with a non-metallic lid

  • Squares of lint-free, undyed cloth (e.g., cut up white t-shirts or sheets) I use baby towelettes.

  • White vinegar

  • Essential oils min. of 25 drops more depending on number of cloth you use. ( We like to use Lavender or fresh scents, check out my favorite below.)

Vinegar And Essential Oils

Vinegar is a fantastic laundry aid for softness. I promise your clothes will not come out smelling like Vinegar!

To make dryer sheets with it, fill the container 1/2 full with white vinegar and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Stuff the fabric squares into the container and shake to saturate them. To use, grab a wet square and add it to the dryer with your clothes. You can reuse the same sheets multiple times, just put them back in the container and make sure it is damp. Add more vinegar and essential oils as needed to keep the jar topped off.

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Baby Towelette ( or cut up an old shirt )

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