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You are Worthy! Unleash Your Past, Step Into Your Power! 

Ever since I was a young girl, connecting to people has been the biggest passion of my life. I was the child unable to sit in silence while I watched my world unfold. I needed answers, I needed to find the truth behind the lies, and mostly I needed to understand how to heal the pain and loneliness I felt from a young age and transform it into personal power, love, and a life worth sharing with others! 

After years of living in deep depression and self-sabotage, abusive relationships, and clawing my way through healing with therapy, herbal guidance, and a beautiful spiritual awakening, I found Yoga and Meditation, Chakra guidance, and truthful power inside my own body. It is now my soul journey to share with you the ability to turn your past pain into the biggest power you hold. Teaching you to unravel your deepest pains and fears, holding your hand, and guiding your heart back through the journey of creating a peaceful life, the life I know you are worthy of living! 


Healing Hearts Vision

After studying psychology in college, working with children 1:1 for 6 years, and finding the practice of Yoga and Meditation, I realized I felt called to show others how they too can live an authentic life. 

My past and current life experiences with people have allowed me to develop high levels of compassion and understanding of pain living in the body. I have spent countless hours listening to clients cry, scream, and process their pain in a way that is unique to each body. My life experience along with always ongoing education of energy and trauma have gifted me the ability to help my students find comfort in their bodies on the mat, peace in their lives off the mat, and unleash their deepest potential as their beautiful lives unfold! 



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